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Over 300 used firearms in stock!!  Come visit us at 999 Bethel Rd…..just west of SR315!

L.E.P.D Facility Highlights

  • 5,000 sqft. firearms showroom offering many of today’s popular handguns, rifles, & shotguns
  • 12-lanes (75′) including 6 tactical lanes that can be used for real-life shooting scenarios
  • State of the art 35 seat classroom, range facilities, and gun store
  • OPOTA & NRA certified instructors on staff
  • Class offerings ranging from an introduction to handguns to OH CCW to advanced CCW
  • Home of OnTarget Radio Show -Live at 12 noon Saturdays on 610WTVN

Are you Looking for OPOTA, Private Security or Retired Officer Qualification? (LEOSA)

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Located at: 999 Bethel Rd. Columbus OH 43214 (Half mile west of SR315)

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Check out our Huge Selection of New & Used Firearms! Listen to our live show, OnTarget, Sat. at 12 noon on News Radio 610 WTVN!

Learn more about CCW/CHL protection from our partners at Gun Owners Legal Defense!

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