Departmental Training

L.E.P.D. Range & Training Facility Department Rental

At LEPD Firearms & Range in Columbus, we offer 12 state-of-the-art firing lanes for your shooting experience.  All lanes at the shooting range are 75′ long and can handle most modern pistols, rifles and shotguns.  For our law enforcement partners, we have the ability to offer a unique shooting experience on 6 of our lanes.  These lanes allow the officer to walk downrange and utilize a number of barriers as well as a unique target system that allows a target to turn after so many hits are registered on the target.  Consider using L.E.P.D.’s shooting range for your next training or annual re-qualifications!

Departmental Range/Classroom Rental:

  • Our facility can be rented for $150/hour for the use of 6 lanes.   Departments can provide their own range officer during their visit or can arrange to use one of our OPOTA certified instructors for an additional cost
  • Rental of our facility also includes use of our control booth. This allows for elevated observation of 6 lanes and provides the range officer the ability to control lighting, targets, and overhead beacons
  • Eye/ear protection is provided at no additional cost
  • OPOTA targets provided at nominal cost
  • Common barricades provided for use during training
  • The facility may also be rented after normal business hours to facilitate law enforcement training of officers on all shifts
  • Our classrooms can be rented for $25-$50/hour depending upon the capacity needed
  • Now offering annual re-certification of Taser, Mace, & Baton certificates

Department Advanced Training:

Department Purchase Program:

  • L.E.P.D. can accommodate an open purchase order for your agency.
  • Depending upon availability, L.E.P.D. will offer competitive rates on duty & practice ammunition.  We also can store your departments’ range ammunition on site for convenience.

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