Firearm Rental

The following semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns will be available as rental guns at L.E.P.D. Range & Training Facility.

The ability to rent one of the guns below will not only help with the decision to purchase firearms at our gun store, but will also allow our guests to experience a variety of makes/models when you visit our shooting range! 

(Please note that not all firearms listed below are available at this time.  Please call for specific availability and also ask about renting some of our 150 quality used firearms currently in stock or one of our fully automatic firearms!)

92FS (9mm)

Thunder 380 (380acp)

Daniel Defense
DDM4V7 (5.56 NATO) w/Optic

FN 509 (9mm)

G17 Gen5 (9mm)
G19 Gen5 MOS(9mm)
G19 Gen5 MOS (9mm) w/Optic
G21 Gen4 (45acp)
G22 Gen5 (40sw)
G23 Gen5 (40sw)
G26 Gen5 (9mm)
G27 Gen 5 (40sw)
G30s (45acp)
G34 Gen5 MOS (9mm)
G40 (10mm)
G41 (45acp)
G42 (380acp)
G43 (9mm)
G43x (9mm)
G43x (9mm) w/Optic
G44 (22lr)
G45 (9mm)
G47 (9mm) w/Optic
G48 (9mm)
G48 (9mm) w/Optic

Heckler & Koch

SR22 (22lr)
Mark IV (22lr)
Mark IV Tactical (22lr)
GP100 Revolver 4″(357mag)
SP101 Revolver 4″(357mag)
LCR Revolver (38spl)
EC9s (9mm)
22/45 (22lr)
LCP (380acp)
10/22 Takedown Rifle (22lr) w/Optic
SR1911 (45acp)

Sig Sauer
P320 XCarry Legion (9mm)w/Optic
P320 M17 (9mm) w/Optic
P320 XC (9mm) w/Optic
P365 (9mm)
P365 X Macro (9mm) w/Optic
P365 XL (9mm) w/Optica
P365 (380acp)
P238 (380acp)
MCX Spear Lt (5.56) w/Optic

Smith & Wesson
M&P 22cmpt (22lr)
M317 (22lr)
M&P 351PD (22lr)
M36 Revolver (38spl)
M60 Revolver (38spl)
M66 Revolver (357mag)
M67 Revolver (38spl)
M10 Revolver (38spl)
M637 Revolver (38spl)

Smith & Wesson
M686 Revolver (357mag)
M629 Revolver (44mag)
1911 E Series Single Action (45acp)
BG38 Revolver (38spl)
BG380 (380acp)
Shield 2.0 (40sw)
Shield Plus (9mm)
Shield Plus Performance Center (9mm)
Shield (45acp)
Shield EZ 9 (9mm)
Shield EZ 380 (380acp)
M&P Equalizer (9mm)
M&P 2.0 Compact (9mm)
M&P 2.0 Compact Metal (9mm)
CSX (9mm)
M&P 40 2.0 (40sw)
M&P 45 cmpt (45acp)
M&P 45 2.0 Tactical (45acp)
M&P 2.0 Compact (40sw)
M&P 2.0 (10mm)
M&P 15-22 Rifle (22lr) w/Optic
M&P FPC Carbine (9mm) w/Optic