L.E.P.D. Leagues

L.E.P.D. Leagues Are Here!

We are excited to announce another L.E.P.D. Recreational Handgun League! The intent behind this league is to give our pistol shooters a relaxed opportunity to challenge themselves and be able to meet and learn from other competitors.

These competitions will be ran as a series. Each “series” will consist of four courses of fire, all done in one month. One per week for the first four weeks of the month. To be eligible to win a prize you must compete in 3 of the 4 shoots. If all four shoots are completed, then the highest three scores will be used for your final score.

Registration will cost a one-time non-refundable fee of $45. This will grant you access to all four shoots in that month’s series. This does not include firearms or ammunition. A handgun may be rented from L.E.P.D. to complete each course of fire. The same firearm rental must be used each week. Registration can take place as late as the last day of the second shoot. Each course of fire will be ran on  Saturdays from 9am-11:30am every week.  Shooters may register more than once, but only one entry per firearm.

All courses of fire will be shot using NRA “tombstone” targets from distances of 5-25 yards and will be shot under a time limit. Only standing two hand and one hand shooting positions will be used.

Bring what you have! Just make sure that you’re bringing a reliable firearm. All revolvers and semi-autos chambered in centerfire calibers are welcome. (those that are permitted on the range) There will only be two divisions that competitors will be separated into. Those with optics (red dot sights) on their firearms and those without. Shooters that are eligible to win may only win one of the two prizes.

1st place in each division: $200 gift card to LEPD

2nd place in each division: $50 gift card to LEPD

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