Individual Active-Duty Officer Qualification

(This qualification is not for Retired Law Enforcement Officers- See LEOSA Qualifications)


Individual Officer Annual OPOTA Qualification:

  • L.E.P.D. offers individual law enforcement qualifications for Ohio Active-Duty Police Officers. Qualifications are offered the second Wednesday of each month starting at 9:00 AM.
  • We use the State of Ohio (OPOTA) basic course for either duty weapon (25 rounds) or off-duty/back up firearm (8 rounds).
  • Individual officer re-qualification is $60/officer and includes qualification on up to two firearms.
  • $20 for each additional firearm over the initial two. (ie back-up/off-duty or shotgun)
  • Eye/ear protection is provided at no additional cost
  • OPOTA targets provided at no additional cost
  • Click here to schedule and to review L.E.P.D. cancellation policies. 
  • For entire department qualifications, email or call us at (614) 999-1009 to schedule a time