Firearm Transfers

Buying a firearm online or are you placing a special order with a manufacturer?  L.E.P.D. can accept the transfer of that firearm!  Simply complete the form below and we will contact the seller of the firearm to facilitate the transfer!    When your item arrives, we will check it into our ATF log and give you a call when it is ready to be picked-up at the store!   Then simply stop by and complete the standard NICS background form and pay either the $50 member transfer fee or $65 non-member transfer fee per serialized item.  It’s that simple!   If you have any questions call or stop by anytime.   (Due to the additional paperwork required, the transfer fee for all NFA items is $100/item)

Non-US Citizens Please Note: If you are not a US Citizen, we are unable to process your transfer at L.E.P.D..  Please do not complete this form or have your firearm transfered to our facility if you are not a US Citizen.   L.E.P.D. will be unable to process your transaction and you will incur additional costs to have your item sent back to its origin.

Firearm Transfer Form

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    Sellers Information


    An L.E.P.D. Sales Associate will contact you when your items arrive and are ready for pick-up. Please note that this often occurs the same day the shipment is received at our store, but please await our notification prior to attempting pick-up. We require several hours to process your shipment & enter into the ATF logs