Training Center

Check out our wide variety of classes for the new or experienced shooter!  All training is conducted by L.E.P.D. Firearms, Range & Training Facility staff, which are all current and former law enforcement, military & civilian training officers with decades of field experience and practical training.

In today’s environment it is not enough to satisfy the basic requirement for your concealed carry license.  Our classes center around the basic principal that if you need to use your firearm in a self-defense situation, it will not be at a time and place of your choosing!   At L.E.P.D. Training Facility, you will receive personalized attention, and be offered training that has been tried and proven in real life applications by law enforcement & military.   Along with muscle memory and mental preparedness training, we are one of the few training organizations that incorporate many practical scenarios that will help you with the safe, responsible ownership of firearms.   Whether it be our low light, off-hand proficiency, drawing from concealment or many other applications, you will experience a higher level of training at L.E.P.D. Training Facility!

For a more detailed description of our classes or if you desire personalized or one on one training, stop by and talk to our trainers personally at the store, give us a call at 614-999-1009 or simply click on our class descriptions for more details.

Classes include but are not limited to the following: