OPOTA Private Security

In keeping with our commitment of providing Law Enforcement and Private Security Training, L.E.P.D. Firearms, Range and Training Facility, a certified OPOTA Firearms Academy, is proud to offer the OPOTA Certified Private Security Basic Course and annual Qualifications. Training will be provided by OPOTA Certified instructors who have many years of experience as Law Enforcement professionals.  In addition to the basic requirements, L.E.P.D. does offer additional classes to Private Security individuals & companies to help in the preparation of the many conditions facing Certified Private Security today.

Private Security Qualifications and Basic Course Costs

Required 4-hour annual qualifications (semi-auto, revolver or shotgun) $105.00

Required 20-hour annual qualifications (semi-auto only) $195.00

Dates for qualifications: Click Here for upcoming classes (Please call to inquire about additional dates that can be added as needed for companies wanting multiple individuals to take this class.)

Optional Courses (Click here for course descriptions):

  • OC Pepper Spray, 3-hours $75
  • Impact Weapon (Tactical Baton), 4-hours $100
  • Subject Control (Arrest & Control), 4-hours $100
  • Weapon Retention/Disarming $75

Discounts may apply to agency classes & individuals who take multiple classes


Check back for future announcements regarding Law Enforcement training that will become available to meet State of Ohio mandated training.